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Cyber Security Days
This October/November the CyResLab is launching a special set of cyber security related courses.
Solution for Industry Maturity in Eastern Europe

Top 10 Web Threats (14 Nov)

When: 14-Nov-2017 09:00


In this course, CyResLab has included live demos of attacks, exercises in detecting and leveraging threats, examples of weak and vulnerable code and the process of repairing it and fixing vulnerabilities, mitigation tactics, developer-specific best practices and discussions on how not to write vulnerable code in the process of daily work. The course is mostly technical and not organizational.


Introduction to Practical Cryptography (3 Nov)

When: 3-Nov-2017 09:00


As a software developer, system administrator, DevOps engineer or quality assurance specialist, you are responsible for the security, trustworthiness and safety of the software you create. This makes cryptography knowledge, at least at a basic level, an essential implement for protecting information and ensuring the integrity of your product.

In this course, you will obtain a basic command of the foundations of cryptography, as well as on how to correctly apply this knowledge in your work and projects.


Security Development

Our team has extensive experience in software development - all members of our team write code on a daily basis and most have industry experience as programmers. We have developed internally a number of tools, both proprietary and open-source.

We are experienced in Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP and other languages.

While CyResLab does not take on pure software development projects, our team is able to lend assistance in specific small scope development scenarios within the security domain, such as:

Internal CTF development

CTF stands for 'Capture-The-Flag' - the most popular type of information security competitions. CTF competitions were modeled around traditional military exercises, however even further gamified. As a matter of fact, military and government institutions, as well as private companies regularly organize such events.