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Information Security for Non-Technical Employees 1-day course

A large percent of current cybersecurity attacks uses non-technical employees as an attack vector. Between phishing, malware distribution, social engineering attacks, password theft and breaches, as well as fake applications, the end user has never been under so much pressure to defend the cybersecurity of the organization.


While the ‘Human Factor’ and ‘Inside Threat’ cannot be overestimated, there are measures that can be taken to turn the end users of an organization into an active ally in the struggle to maintain cybersecurity in the complex and dynamic IT landscape of today. These measures almost always start with trainings to raise awareness of the issue to most employees.


This 1-day hands-on course is designed to introduce non-technical employees to the key threats to their organization’s cybersecurity and information security and to underscore their importance to this security. The course includes practical advice for avoiding most common attach vectors, attack demonstrations, suggestions for proper workplace cyber-hygiene.


The course includes free access to an interactive online exercise environment for one week, following the course’s completion.


The goal of this course is to enable participants to:

  • Be aware of the top threats in day-to-day Internet activities;
  • Know useful tips to reduce risk of security degradation;
  • Understand their role within the organization and their responsibility towards the shared goal of cybersecurity.


Course agenda

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Security in the Web
  • Email Security
  • Workstation Security
  • Security of Personal Devices (BYOD, etc.)

Note: The course agenda can be customized to better fit client needs.

Ideal for: Enterprise employees that have basic computer skills, but lack basic information security experience.


Prerequisites: Basic computer skills (working with a browser, email client, etc.)


Price in-company course: 1050 EUR for in-company training for up to 14 participants. VAT not included.