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Cyber Security and Business Resilience

This is a 2-day course on how to manage operational risk, stay productive under stress and disruption, assess and improve our readiness to ‘handle the unknown’. Based on the new Resilience Management Model of CERT at the Software Engineering Institute (CERT/SEI, Carnegie Mellon University) - a comprehensive and complete reference model and framework helping organizations maintain security, IT operations and business continuity in a converged manner and without additional bureaucratic burden. CERT-RMM serves as a foundation from which an organization can measure its current competency, set improvement targets, and establish plans and actions to close the identified gaps.

The tutorial has a particular focus on Cyber-security and IT business vulnerabilities and threats, and Cyber-defense strategies. Examples and practical exercises on RMM scoping for SMEs in various sectors and a quick assessment method will be provided. It includes 2 practical exercises and 4-hour real simulations of web and mobile applications vulnerabilities and attacks. Shorter (executive) version of the tutorial as 1-day workshop is available.

Ideal for: Security and business continuity professionals, Process improvement professionals, particularly those looking to extend process improvement approaches into the operations phase of the lifecycle, Enterprise and operational risk management professionals, anyone interested in applying a maturity model approach to managing operational resilience.