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Email Security Test

The significance of email communication in the modern business world cannot be overstated - hundreds of email messages are sent and received daily by even the smallest companies, containing confidential or personal information such as clients' data, competitive advantages, financial data or just private information. Despite this significance, email security is often overlooked, as demonstrated by the 2016 DNC email leak, which significantly impacted the 58th Presidential Elections in the USA.


To address the rising business importance of email, CyResLab has developed a service to audit and assess email server and clients' configuration. The service tests various attack vectors, including:

  • Insecure communication channels with the email server and/or clients
  • Outgoing emails authenticity controls
  • Incoming emails authenticity controls
  • Known software vulnerabilities
  • Email relay attacks
  • Malware filtration and attachment security


The client receives a report with all identified issues, along with some technical recommendations for their removal, as well a separate business impact report. CyResLab can also provide further assistance in identifying alternative remediation strategies and applying them to the vulnerable services.


Service includes:

  • Automated proprietary tools
  • Manual testing by CyResLab researchers

Ideal for: All clients that rely on email communication and its security to run day-to-day operations.