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Cyber Resilience Consultancy

What is “resilience”…


The CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM) is the foundation for a process improvement approach to operational resilience management. It defines the essential organizational practices that are necessary to manage operational resilience. You can use CERT-RMM to determine your organization's capability to manage resilience, set goals and targets, and develop plans to close identified gaps. By using a process view, CERT-RMM can help your organization respond to stress with mature and predictable performance.


Security Development

Our team has extensive experience in software development - all members of our team write code on a daily basis and most have industry experience as programmers. We have developed internally a number of tools, both proprietary and open-source.

We are experienced in Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP and other languages.

While CyResLab does not take on pure software development projects, our team is able to lend assistance in specific small scope development scenarios within the security domain, such as:

Internal CTF development

CTF stands for 'Capture-The-Flag' - the most popular type of information security competitions. CTF competitions were modeled around traditional military exercises, however even further gamified. As a matter of fact, military and government institutions, as well as private companies regularly organize such events.

Email Security Test

The significance of email communication in the modern business world cannot be overstated - hundreds of email messages are sent and received daily by even the smallest companies, containing confidential or personal information such as clients' data, competitive advantages, financial data or just private information. Despite this significance, email security is often overlooked, as demonstrated by the 2016 DNC email leak, which significantly impacted the 58th Presidential Elections in the USA.

Web Security Test

This test has CyResLab security researchers combine a multitude of automated testing tools with a manual follow-up testing of the client website with focus on key functionality and taking into account the client’s security needs.
The automated tools include both well-known open-source tools (e.g. Nmap, OpenVAS, Nikto) and proprietary CyResLab tools developed specifically for such tests.

Mobile App Security Test

The purpose of this test is to find both standard and specific vulnerabilities in Mobile applications by using different static code/binary analysis tools, various dynamic analysis techniques and manual testing and verification of issues by CyResLab security researchers.