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Advanced Web Threats (22-23 Feb)

When: 22-Feb-2018 09:30


In this advanced course, CyResLab has additionally included exercises in which participants in turn attempt to fix and attack particular implementations. A heavier focus is be placed on labs.

The “Advanced Web Threats” course includes free access to an interactive online exercise environment for one week, following the course’s completion.


Introduction to Practical Cryptography (12 Feb)

When: 12-Feb-2018 09:30


As a software developer, system administrator, DevOps engineer or quality assurance specialist, you are responsible for the security, trustworthiness and safety of the software you create. This makes cryptography knowledge, at least at a basic level, an essential implement for protecting information and ensuring the integrity of your product.

In this course, you will obtain a basic command of the foundations of cryptography, as well as on how to correctly apply this knowledge in your work and projects.


CyResLab's first public CTF "Cyber Games - Warmup"

The Cyber Resilience Laboratory is coorganizing its first public CTF (Capture-the-Flag) competition on the 10th of November - "Cyber Games - Warmup" (and yes, there will be more events after the warmup :)

The event is focused around introducing the CTF event style to IT professionals of different skill levels and roles. CTF events are a great way to keep information and cybersecurity knowledge and competences up to date in the current volatile and dynamic IT landscape.